North Wiltshire Branch of MMOC

Follow our Hamper Relay:-

One of our newer members, Mike Welsh, has proposed a “Minor Hamper Relay” in aid of Swindon Night Shelter which has caught our imagination and so far we have 15 cars signed up to take part. The relay will take place over several days, maybe a couple of weeks, in order to accommodate as many people as possible whilst staying within the current Covid restrictions.

A wicker basket has already been made and donated by our member Ruth Parsons, and the Satellite Rotary Club, of which Veronicah Welsh is a member, are supplying the hamper.

Here’s an example of how it works:
Mike and Veronicah leave home with an empty hamper box and travel to Bill and they meet with their cars in Malmesbury.  Bill adds one food item to the hamper (photo of cars and hamper). Bill travels with the hamper to Cirencester and meets Steve (photo of cars and hamper). Steve adds one food item to the hamper and travels with it to Castle Eaton etc etc. Then finally someone travels to Mike and Veronicah who add one food item (photo of cars and hamper). The North Wilts MMOC food hamper and compilation of photos is then donated to the Swindon Night Shelter for the vulnerable and homeless.

Hamper Relay Progress 1

Hamper Relay Progress 2

Hamper Relay Progress 3 -

Hamper Relay Progress 4

Hamper Relay Progress 5